Development plans:

Welcome to the limboInternet development blog, we plan to integrate information about our plans for expansion to the network, features we plan to install, as well as any changes to the sites.

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Changes occurring

Okay I had some problems with the site and its crashed and Im currently reupdating and redesigning everything so you will have to bear with me while things dont work on most pages as Im updating the theme as well as making everything work again. [...]

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The holy grail of xml

Why is it that no matter how hard I search I cannot find a simple and easy to use program which will change xml into elements on a page dynamically without the need for much editing and coding,

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The difference between mlm and affiliate marketing

Okay so not many people seem to see any difference and see affiliate marketing as a dirty word in comparison because all of these get rich quick, mlm and pyramid schemes.  The things where you pay a nominal fee, recruit others to pay a nominal fee, probably for some useless thing, just to earn commission from selling the product [...]

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Awin datafeeds

I wish that the merchants on there would follow some sort of unified pattern with what fields they use for what as it makes it incredibly difficult to get things to work right when they all use different things for different values, especially the price field,

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New internet now able to access TradeDoubler again

After a long period of not being able to log into my Tradedoubler account due to having moved address and the wireless broadband I was using there was getting an access not allowed error every time, and I wasn’t willing to try public computers every day to keep things running, I have finally been able [...]

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How to Stop that annoying IP messenger service for FREE

To permanently disable those annoying messenger service popups that plague modern computer Absolutely FREE, simply follow the steps outlined on this page

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